If you are using a version of ANTS released after 1 February 2018, you can just use the gridstart command to automate this process. From standard 9front, 9legacy, or Bell Labs Plan 9, begin by connecting to the grid registry:

srv tcp!!6675 registry /mnt/registry

If using 9front and you prefer an encrypted connection, you may instead

echo 'key proto=dp9ik user=glenda dom=grid !password=9gridchan' >/mnt/factotum/ctl
srvtls tcp!!16675 registry /mnt/registry

You will now have an index of current services at /mnt/registry/index. Use the following command to generate a list of commands to attach to them:

cat /mnt/registry/index |grep exportfs |sed 's/^/srv -c /g' |sed 's/is //g' |sed 's/mountpoint //g' |sed 's/service.*$//g'

Again, 9front users have the option to use a tls-encrypted connection, with an analogous command to generate the connection script:

cat /mnt/registry/index |grep tlssrv |sed 's/^/srvtls -c /g' |sed 's/is //g' |sed 's/mountpoint //g' |sed 's/service.*$//g'

You may choose to redirect the output of that command to /tmp/gridscript and then dot-execute it

. /tmp/gridscript

It is recommended to start a sub-rio/grio once the grid services have been mounted, so multiple programs can work within the grid namespace easily.

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